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Mark Rozov

Mark Rozov works in big cycles, occupying him for years, and often treating the matter of recollection. Everywhere he is searching or establishing relations between the world’s phenomena, between his interior and the outside, between past and future. These relations are strictely esthetical, and they produce a convincing impression of righteousness and coherence to the spectator – if only he takes the time to contemplate the photos. This is the way Mark Rozov can be told a romantic: He insists on a meaningful coherence between the things, at least a felt one.

Mark Rozov was born in 1950 in Zaporoshje, Ukraine, Soviet Union. He is mathematician and computer scientist. Since 1999 he lives in Hannover, Germany.

Single exhibitions:

1979 – association for art photography Lithuania, Kaunas, USSR
1980 – house of the sciences, Dnjepropetrowsk, USSR
1982 – association for art photography Lithuania, Kaunas – Vilnius - Schaulaj, USSR
1983 – house of theater, Moskau, USSR
1990 – photo gallery School, Moskau, USSR
1990 – exhibition series by the periodical Photography, Czechoslovakia
2003 – theater Municipal Stages, Münster
2003 – edition and gallery Erata, Leipzig
2008 – gallery N, Nienburg on Weser
2009 – Paderborn, Germany, gallery in the specified place
2009 – Hannover, Germany, gallery for photography Winter

group exhibitions or participations in the last 10 years:

2001 – International Forum of Photography, Frankfurt on Main: full beard, long hair…the image of Jesus Christ in photography.
2007 – Bad Breisig on Rhine: Water
2007 – Evian, France: Water Poetry in Russian Art
( from the collections of State Russian Museum in St.Petersburg )
2007 – Ratingen, gallery Dagmar Möhlmann: Russia, my love
( simultaneous to the exhibition in the Kunstpalast Düsseldorf Bonjour Russia )
2007- 2008 – St. Petersburg, Russia, State Russian Museum: Venus Sovietica
( on occasion of the 90th anniversary of revolution of october )
2008 – Gaeta, Italy, Il Balletto Russo, Armonia international foundation of Arts
2009 – Bad Breisig on Rhine: Water
2009 - 2010 – St. Petersburg, Russia, State Russian Museum: 1. Photo Biennial
2010 – St. Petersburg, Russia, State Russian Museum: Sky in the Art
2011 – Zurich, Switzerland, Nadja Brykina Gallery: Russia today
22.12.2011 - 22.01.2012 - Fondi, Italy, Palazzo Gaetani: Russian contemporary art 1950-2011
16.03.2012 - 29.04.2012 - Houston, Texas, USA: Photo Biennial 2012

available publications:

1. Mark Rozov In der Mitte der Peripherie ( In the Center of Periphery )
Edition ERATA, Leipzig, 2003, 170 pages, ISBN 3-934015-58-1

2. Mark Rozov Traum und Metall ( Dream and Metal )
PALACE EDITIONS EUROPE, Bad Breisig, 2005, 132 pages, ISBN 3-938051-25-6

The Chotkowo cycle is present in the collections of the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg.

Please find here Mark Rozov's nearly complete work:

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