Gallery: Mi-Young Kim

Mi-Young Kim

Born in 1965 in Changwon, South-Corea
Studies of art and art history in Paris
1996 doctorate in aesthetic, science and technology of art
1996 – 1998 university teacher in Corea
since 1998 back in Paris

Single exhibitions:

2000 Paris, EFTE gallery
2001 Seoul, In-Sa gallery
2001 Pusan, Jeon Kyung-Suk gallery
2003 Paris, gallery Crous Beaux-Arts
2004 Pontoise, Lycée Camille Pissaro
2004 Paris, gallery Hang Art
2005 Nienburg upon Weser, N gallery
2006 Dinard, gallery artemise

2007 Nienburg upon Weser, N gallery
2010 Dinard, gallery artemise

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